The situation that all fleet owners try to avoid is having to sit on trucks after they've been pulled from the fleet because they can't find someone to buy them at the price they want. At that point you've got an asset that is not generating any income that you may possibly be still making payments on.

The reason why so many fleet owners find themselves in this situation is that 99% of their year is spent on moving freight...and only 1% is spent on moving trucks. It's just tough to get proficient at something if you only spend 1% of your time on it.

Our Remarketing Division has grown steadily over the past 9 years as fleet owners have realized the value of hiring a dedicated company like TEL to help not only in moving their trucks, but to also help in buying trucks.

We have learned that many fleet owners first mistake is in the buying stage. If you buy a truck that no one else will want, it's going to be very difficult to sell. But if you buy trucks with specs that are commonly accepted in the re-sale market, this will result in a quicker sale at a higher price when you are ready to move your trucks out of your fleet.

By moving over $70,000,000 a year in trucks, our fleet consultants know the market and are ready to assist in your Remarketing needs.

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