Small Fleet Leasing

2 Facts About Leasing Pre-Owned Equipment

  1. Your higher cash flow that is created by lower monthly payments can be invested into your day-to-day trucking operations.
  2. If the equimpent is not purchased at the end of the lease, it can simply be returned. This gives you the freedom to have complete control of the age of your fleet without being locked in to long-term debt.

How Do You Know If Leasing is Right for You?

You've typically had 3 options in deciding how to finance the trucks for your fleet: purchase new trucks, purchase used trucks, or lease new trucks. While each option has its advantages and dis-advantages, TEL has added a 4th option that focuses on the thing and one thing only: increasing YOUR cash flow.

Questions to ask to decide if leasing pre-owned trucks is right for you:

  • Are you interested in reducing your debt load?
  • Are you interested in lowering your monthly fixed equipment cost?
  • How important is it to you to keep lower mileage trucks in your fleet?
  • Would increasing your monthly cash flow help with additional obligations?

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